I’m a B.Sc Visual Communication Graduate from M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I’m a hard-working and dedicated person, who has an eye for creativity and art.

Content writing and strategy was something that came to me naturally and I started developing my skill sets that are required to become a great content writer/strategist. I’ve worked with multiple clients and helped them grow organically with different types of content pieces and strategies.  

-My Story

Since childhood, I was involved in all sorts of creativity. I am an art and Photography lover. Photography and sketching are like therapy to me. I indulge in these two activities to calm my mind and feel relaxed. I chose B.Sc Visual Communication for my  Under-graduation as I knew my potential lied in creativity. My love for brands and learning about their campaigns are endless. My Social Media feed is always filled with various brand posts and of course, great pieces of content. Content writing was never the plan, to be honest. There was a point in my life, wherein a lot of people came to me and told me that I would make a good Content Writer. I heard them, and here I am. My journey began and I have a long way to go. I believe words can sell anything. But words put down creatively can rule the world. This belief has helped me think in the direction throughout the journey of my career. 

My Values & Beliefs

More smart work, less hard work!

I believe in working smart more than working hard. Smart work can give desired results faster than hard work.

Play fair!

I believe in playing fair irrespective of the field I am in. 


Regardless of what the situation is, I try to keep myself balanced. I choose grey over black and white.